To the Dead, Life

To the Dead, Life
This is Jesus

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Our final week looking at This is Jesus, concluding with the great news that we believe in a King powerful enough to overcome death, and compassionate enough to counsel us in our times of need.

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells and share together what it speaks to you about how God is faithful and true in our highs and lows, whatever we face. 

Group Questions:

  1. Read John 11:1-7 and 17-44. What do we see about Jesus in this passage? His reactions, interactions and the truths He speaks over the situation.
  2. How easy do you find it to remember God cares about the small detail of your life, as well as the great picture for humanity?
  3. Jesus is more powerful than anything we face, and has the power to rewrite any story and overcome any fear. How can we be people of hope and transformation who speak of a King who calls out life from the places that may be seen as dead?


Spend time praying together for any places you wish God to call to life, either in your own life or one you see in the world at large.