To the Sinner, Another Chance

To the Sinner, Another Chance
This is Jesus

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Our third week looking into our series This Is Jesus, Rich shares with us about Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in John 4 and what it teaches us about his perspective on us, as broken people.

Worship Suggestion

Listen to Way Maker by Leeland, a song we’ve been learning together recently. After listening, share which lines stood out to you and why.

Group Questions

  1. Read through John 4:1-26, and share together what stands out to you about this encounter with Jesus and what he says to the Samaritan woman.
  2. All within this one interaction, Jesus breaks down a variety of barriers, shows her he knows the path she’s walked and offers her what she’s missing. What would this look like today in our own lives? 
  3. The most true, natural outflow of our faith to those around us is as a consequence of having experienced Jesus, sharing from a transformed heart not just head knowledge. How does it look to live this out day to day, sharing our faith with everyone around us because we just can’t help it?

It’s often easy to read the bible and not see ourselves as the one needing rescue. How are you doing with Jesus? Jesus takes on all our “thirst” and ends it on the cross. He promises the satisfaction and security we crave. Spend time praying together, for a greater sense of His presence and an experience of Him this week to lead us to have kingdom-minded conversations.