This Is Us

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We have reached our final value: United. What it means to be a united people who display what God created His kingdom to truly be.

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to the song Valley by Chris McClarney with Bibles open on Psalm 23 (optional) and spend time reflecting on God’s guidance and protection, closing by praying about these things.

Group Questions:

1. United or Unity: what comes to mind when you hear those words?

2. Read Galatians 3:23-29. We want to be a church that is of “Multiple generations from a wide group of people”. What do you think this looks like? What barriers try to get in the way of that being reality?

3. People are looking for a place to belong, regardless of background. Part of this is learning to hold onto our identity in Jesus rather than in our social or economical status, as our value lies in Jesus. How can we change our language to reflect our outlook of seeing people as children of God?


The bible says we are clothed with Christ, we do as Jesus did, welcoming everyone and defined by Him, not where we come from or what we do. Pray into this and other situations that have arisen throughout the discussion this evening.