Vision for Gateshead

Vision for Gateshead

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On our last week talking about our Purpose as disciples to GO, we heard from councillor Martin Gannon about his vision for Gateshead in the morning and from three of our young adults at the Six about what God has been speaking to them about. Do have a listen to both and ask yourself “what is God saying to me in this?” and “what am I going to do about it?”

Worship Suggestion:

Read Psalm 113 together and spend some time reflecting and talking about God’s Greatness, Sovereignty, Omnipresence and Power.

Group Questions:

Read through Luke 19:1-10 together. Share what speaks to you through this passage.

In this story as well as the stories of Jesus healing that Megan shared about, we see Him making time for His children, to meet them where they’re at, however much of an outcast they may feel. How easy to we find it to be in proximity with brokenness? How can we be people who get stuck in where it’s hard?

We believe that there’s power in God’s presence, as we see in these stories. What experiences of this do we have that we can bring to mind when we’re sharing the hope with those in brokenness?

“In relentless pain and suffering, His love is even more relentless “. Jesus brings restoration and salvation, finds change and rescues. Martin in the morning gave us many examples of places where this needs to happen in our vicinity. What areas of brokenness are you feeling called to? How can we do this as a community?


Pray that through this season of lent, God would grow our faith of what He can do, in our lives, but especially in this region. The many lives that can be changed by His love and encounter.