Vision Sunday: All Things New

Alive Church Podcast
Alive Church Podcast
Vision Sunday: All Things New

Amidst the uncertainty of the times we’re facing, we were still able to come together for Vision Sunday this week to hear about what God’s been saying about what’s next for us as a church and how we can step out into that newness together.

Worship Suggestion: 

Spend some time together sharing what characteristics of God you are holding close to at the moment. ie. His faithfulness, mercy, sovereignty, goodness, etc and what times in your life you’ve seen him be it, or what passages of scripture help you remember them. (You could ask your group to come prepared if some need more thinking time!)

Group Questions:

  1. Read Revelation 21:1-7, it’s a beautiful description of the Kingdom of God. What stands out to you?
  2. We believe in a gospel of Salvation and Transformation, coming against the spirit that the world offers.
  3. What dreams of this gospel working its way into culture and society do you have, and how could the church community be part of that?
  4. In Christ, we are a new creation and we get to live out the freedom He brings. How does this look in our own lives?


Pray for any ideas shared of how God might be prompting a vision for our lives. Also pray for this season of uncertainty, for us to be a hope-filled representation of God’s Kingdom and for Him to give us new ways of meeting and growing as a transformed community.