We Love Church

We Love Church

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Mick Woodhead shares with us about the difference the church can make to people’s lives and how it’s an exciting adventure for us all.

Group Questions:

1. Read John 1:1-14. Here, John makes it clear that Jesus is at the centre of humanity and its’ purpose.  Mick reminded us that, as is emphasised in verse 14: God is real, God is Jesus and He is God with us. What are your reflections on this passage?

2. In Colossians 1:27, it says that we carry the hope of Jesus within us. The miracle of the incarnation is God with us. After the resurrection, we now carry that hope into the world. What does it look like to be bringers of hope in our situations?

3. As Hope Groups, our vision is to be bearers of hope all around, as we prepare for our first Groups Parties, how can we bing the hope of Jesus as a community and show how church can be exciting, and not boring as some may think?