Words of Light and Life: Peace

Alive Church Podcast
Alive Church Podcast
Words of Light and Life: Peace

Rich starts off the Advent season by sharing about Peace and what it means to our life and how we can be peace-brings in situations around us.

Worship Suggestion:

Listen to Love Came Down by Kim Walker-Smith and chat about what it highlights from the Christmas story and how we can prepare our hearts through advent for what Jesus means to us.

Group Questions:

1. Read Romans 5:1-11, Rich touched on the topics of Peace, Reconciliation and what Jesus can do for and through us. Share your thoughts about the passage and these themes.

2. We often think of Peace as an “absense of” rather than a “presence of”… But we know a Prince of Peace who doesn’t just bring the end to conflict, but brings something in its place. How can we change our perspective and language about peace to align with the Kingdom view of “shalom”.

3. We unpacked Peace as completeness, unity and wholeness. Things as they should be. However, life doesn’t always look this way. The pieces can be all over the place; we have gaps in our life. But in Jesus’ death and resurrection, He brought together the pieces, and we are now repaired and rescued. Where do we see the world try to get their peace from and how can we be people who bring that into people’s lives?


Part of how we remain in peace and held together is by making it a habit of coming back to Jesus. Again and again. Meeting Him is not just a one-time thing.

Pray for each other to learn how to come to Him and for each of us to be bringers of peace in situations around us.