How to start an Alive Community

It’s great you’re interested in starting an Alive Community. Below is 5 easy steps of how you can begin one.


1. Alive Communities Training Night

Come along to the Next Training Night – 19th September. During  the evening we will share about the vision of Alive Communities and the process of how you can start one.You can sign up for it here 


2 . Coaching Session

Following on from the Communities training night we will arrange a coaching session with one of the leadership team to help develop your thinking around your community and plan the first few weeks. To book a date for a coaching session email

During the coaching session you will talk through the new communities form which helps think through your Vision, the Who, What When & patterns for time with God, each other and doing mission. 


3 . New Communities Form & Room Booking 

After the session take some time to complete the new communities form. This sets out your vision, target audience, patterns for meeting and discipleship. When you have completed  your new communities form email it to

You can also request to book a room in Hope Hope for your community if you aren’t able to host your community in your house. You can do this here.


4 . Launch Your Alive Community 

You’re now ready to launch your Alive Community. The info about it will be included on the website where people can sign up for it. You can begin to invite others to come along and join in with your community.


5 . Commit to Huddles 

Come along to huddles. These meet every six weeks for alive community leaders to help think through what is God saying and what are you going to do about it?