What is it all about?

This years Student Weekend away is going to be focused around ‘Encounter’, what does it mean to Encounter Jesus? What doesn’t that actually look like? How can that make a difference in our lives? We’re going to spend the weekend getting to know each other, getting to know Jesus better and having fun as we look to go back into Uni full of peace, life and joy.

Where is it?

It’s going to be at Thurston Outdoor education centre, literally a stones throw away from Coniston Water, one of the Lake Districts most well know lakes, and we’ve got the entire place to ourselves! There’s a huge lake outside, first in wins. And the centre is well equipped with pool tables, games rooms and shared living spaces.

Why come?

If you’re a student and want to find somewhere to belong, this is an absolute must attend. There is no better way to build a community than to go on retreat and seek God together, that’s why it’s something we put lots of time and effort into making happen each year. We would love to welcome you along.

How do I come?

Everything is included in the price, no need to worry about food, travel or accommodation for the entire weekend. Just book on and get yourself to St Georges on the Friday afternoon, we’ll take care of the rest.