Summer Space Academy

Welcome to the Summer Space Academy! Throughout these six weeks we are going to be exploring some stories from the Bible and our calling to trust in God as our firm foundation. We will tackle facing difficult choices, combatting enemies and working miracles, all the time living boldly for God in a world that appears completely new.

Week 1 – Trusting in God when we’re somewhere new

Week 2 – Trusting in God when life is difficult

Available on Sunday 9th of August at 10am.

Week 3 – Trusting in God and keep worshipping

Available on Sunday 16th of August at 10am.

Week 4 – Trusting the power of God and celebrating

Available on Sunday 23rd of August at 10am.

Week 5 – Trusting God when you feel alone

Available on Sunday 30th of August at 10am.

Week 6 – Trusting God as our firm foundation

Available on Sunday 6th of September at 10am. (DRESS UP SUNDAY!)