Table Talk

Table talk is a commitment to share with others in accountability as we intentionally follow Jesus together.

We suggest getting together around food with 2 or 3 others using the time to share how you are intentionally following the person, practices and patterns of Jesus.

Table talk groups meet roughly every month and are committed to journeying together for 6 months, though they might last much longer than that. It’s a time to think about how we are loving God, loving each other and loving our world. Two questions help us to shape our conversations.

  • What is God saying to me?
  • How will I respond?

These questions are intended to help you think. Read through and note which question stands out to you and why.

Love God

  • How is my walk with God?
  • How am I reading the Bible?
  • How am I finding space to pray?
  • How am I growing in my faith?
  • How am I dealing with temptation?

Love Each Other

  • How am I loving others?
  • How am I showing myself to others?
  • How are my relationships with those I live most closely with?
  • How am I learning to be a person of peace and forgiveness?
  • How am I being generous and encouraging others?

Love Our World

  • How am I sharing my faith?
  • How is my work/rest balance?
  • How am I growing in my calling and gifting?
  • How am I serving others?
  • How am I leading people to Jesus?

Learning to recognise Kairos moments.

In Mark 1:15, Jesus says the time has come. The word for time in that passage refers to a moment in time rather than the sequential passing of time. Jesus is talking about the kingdom coming as an event in our lives. Elsewhere he says that we should have eyes to see the kingdom coming around us. As we share the ways we are intentionally following the person, practices and patterns of Jesus, we are people who are learning to look for the kairos moment – the moment of God breaking in in our lives.