Talks – David: Worshipper and Warrior

Talks in this series

The Hidden Life

We kick off our new series on David: Worshipper & Warrior by looking at how God saw his heart above any other physical or practical attribute that would validate him as king. We look at the parallels with Jesus and how we’re called God’s children, anointed by His spirit and open to a life of relationship with Him.

Overflowing Worship

We discover a bit more to David’s journey to the throne and how his private times of worship form his foundation for how he lives all areas of his life, and how this points us to how Jesus spent time with His Father.

How can we be Courageous?

What does it look like to be a courageous people? Where can we source this courage from in the face of fear? We learn from the story of David and Goliath and the parallel to Jesus, how we can trust in His resurrection in the presence of our own battles in life.

More Present than the Pressure

We return to our David series and hear about the tangible experience of God’s presence, how it’s not to be controlled by us, but that it’s freely available to us through Jesus.

David, Jesus and the Eternal Promis

We conclude our David Series by looking at some of the ways it hints at Jesus’ coming and the fulfilment of the promises God speaks in the Old Testament.