Talks – Great Joy

Talks from our Carol services

Good News

Our first look into Luke 2:1-15 this season, the promise of Good News that we get to rejoice and live in.

Great Joy

The second of our Christmas messages this year. Good News of Great Joy for All People.

For all people

Our final Carol service leads us to our final look at Luke 2:1-15 and the wonderful news that God’s Good News of Great Joy is for all of us, whoever we are, wherever we find ourselves.

Invitation to Joy

God invites us to great joy. Our Christmas Day Message for 2019 from Rich.

Other talks in this series

Disappointment and Joy

Pete shares a great message with us about Joy and how to hold on to it when faced with disappointment and cynicism.

Mary and Trust

Maddie helps us unpack what we can learn from Mary as she trusts God amidst everything going on around her. Luke 1:26-38 speaks of how no word from God will ever fail, and He’s the one we can trust in this Christmas.

Expectations and Joy

Pete shares with us from Luke 2:22-40, where Simeon and Anna both react to Jesus’ presence with the expectation they’ve had for years and the joy that it brings.