Talks – This is Jesus

Talks in this series

To the darkness, light

Rich shares with us from John 1:1-14 & 8:12. We learn from John, that Jesus is a light that comes into the world, we don’t have to save ourselves from the darkness, Jesus is our saviour, the light that comes into the darkness. He is a light that gives life and a light that cannot be overcome.

To the seeking, an answer

Pete shares with us from John 3:1-21. The story begins with Nicodemus, a Pharasee, who at the surface appears to have everything – money, answers and the moral high ground due to his careful following of the law. However we see him asking ‘is there more to life than this?’

To the sinner, another chance

Our third week looking into our series This Is Jesus, Rich shares with us about Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well in John 4 and what it teaches us about his perspective on us, as broken people.

To the dead, life

Rich speaks from John 11 in our final week looking at This is Jesus, concluding with the great news that we believe in a King powerful enough to overcome death, and compassionate enough to counsel us in our times of need.