Talks – This is Us

Talks in this series

Come Alive – Part 1

We kick off our new series This Is Us by looking at the life of Peter and our call to Come Alive because of Christ’s love for us and what He did on the cross.

Come Alive – Part 2

We’re onto our second week reflecting on the call to Come Alive, both in our own lives and in sharing that with the world around us. We look further into what it means, and some practical outpourings of it.


We’re continuing our discovery of who we are as a church by looking at our first value, being Hope-Filled. How does this look in a frustrated world and how do we hold onto that hope when faced with suffering?


Our next value is Creative. God created us in His image, and we get to be part of something that builds for a New Creation, a Hope-filled people who speak Jesus’ name over places the enemy tries to kill, steal or destroy.


Our next value is Celebrating! Not turned off to the pain of the world, we keep celebrating to remind ourselves and the world that the story ends in resurrection.


We have reached our final value: United. What it means to be a united people who display what God created His kingdom to truly be.

For Everyone. Always.

Our last part of our series “This Is Us” is the reminder that in all our values, we are for everyone, always, no matter what’s behind or the reality may be right now, we hope for more and invite everyone into God’s Kingdom.