The Team

Rich Grant, Lead Pastor
Rich Grant
Lead Pastor
Louise Grant, Pastoral care lead
Louise Grant
Pastoral care lead
James Barker - Ministry assistant, media and students
James Barker
Media & Communications and Student Pastor
Katie Bewick - Ministry assistant, kids and courses
Katie Bewick
Childrens & Families Assistant and Admin Assistant
Maddie Cullum - Kids pastor and designated safeguarding lead
Maddie Cullum
School-age Discipleship and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Pete Jobes
Church Warden, Website & Teaching

Sarah Millican Jones

Alexander Jones

Corretta Kears

Steph Mallery
Assistant Warden
Grace McCarthy - Worship director
Grace McCarthy
Worship Director & Head of Creativity

Ruth Ogborn

Families Worker
Dom Blunkett - Estates manager
Dom Plunkett
Estates manager

Paul Ramsay

Nina Thurlow, Operations manager and leadership team
Nina Thurlow
Operations manager and Leadership Team

Matt Waterfield
Church Warden, Safeguarding lead for the PCC
Connor Welch- Student and youth pastor
Connor Welch
Youth Pastor & Alpha