Vision and Values

Our Vision

St. George’s has been here for years. Our part of this story began in 2016 when 16 of us moved to replant the church.

We are here to see individuals, 
our community and the church come alive in Jesus’ name.

Our Values

We have four values. These are how we do things around here. Who we are when we are at our best.


We are hope filled

We never stop hoping that God can bring life to any situation. Sometimes vulnerable, we are always hope-filled disciples.


We are creative

Created in the image of a creative God we keep looking to create new ways for people to meet God. We are pioneers and adventurers. Looking for the new frontier.


We are celebrating

Not turned off to the pain of the world we keep celebrating to remind ourselves and the world that the story ends in resurrection.


We are United

Jesus calls us to be one. We are growing in diversity whilst pursuing unity. We unite around Jesus and together pursue his purpose for us.