We think the best way to see people Come Alive and to bless the city is to imitate Jesus. Throughout his life we see a pattern: The three great loves of Jesus. Jesus loved his Father, loved the family he formed and loved a hurting world.

Loving God

Jesus lived his life from the place of identity in the Father. At his Baptism the Spirit affirmed him as the beloved child of God. The Bible says that Father spoke over his son, saying, ‘You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased’ (Luke 3:22). Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we become the beloved child of the Father, discovering a life of forgiveness and freedom.

Disciples are people invited to discover the endless love of God and use their lives to love him in return.

Loving each other

Jesus lived his life with others. People from all kinds of backgrounds and stories came together around Jesus and were formed into a family. At St. George’s we are one big family. All ages gather throughout the day on Sundays to worship, pray and hear from the Bible. Throughout the week we meet in Groups and Clusters, sharing life and exploring together what it means to follow Jesus today.

Loving our hurting world

Jesus lived his life for a hurting and broken world. He sat for dinner with sinners, touched the untouchable, healed the sick, comforted those in need and spoke about a welcome home for those furthest away. In him, every kind of hurt can be made well. Jesus wore our sin on the cross, taking upon himself all that is wrong in the world by sacrificing his own life. In his death and resurrection, he demonstrates and declares a love that offers forgiveness for every wrong and outruns every kind of hurt.

We are called to imitate him by declaring and demonstrating this love to our world, offering to everyone the hope and forgiveness found in Jesus.