Young Adults

At St George’s, we know that being part of a community with a common ground can be essential to live a fulfilling life.

As well as gathering as a whole community on Sundays and in Hope Groups mid-week, it is also important to spend time getting to know our peers, discussing our challenges and triumphs and learning how to live out our faith together. As we seek to grow in the workplace and in our relationships, we discover our identity in Jesus rather than just in being defined by culture’s benchmarks, our life stage or our job.

There are many ways to do this at St George’s:

-> Some of our Hope Groups are specifically orientated at our Young Adults/20s-30s and help us engage with what Jesus is saying to us through the talks on Sundays and how it applies to our lives.

-> We have regular Come Alive gatherings which range from socials to worship evenings and some subject-specific Q&As with some of our church leaders who are a bit ahead in their faith journey to impart some wisdom.

-> Being on Teams gives you the opportunity to meet some other Young Adults you might not otherwise encounter and develop relationships through serving in the different ministries in our Church.

If you want to know more, do get in touch at or say Hi on Sunday.